What Meditation Can Do For Your Body And Mind

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Wellness Tips
Wellness Tips
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Taking a few minutes off of the hectic, helter-skelter life that many of us imbibe, and focus your mind to reduce stress, depression and pain is the best thing you can do to elevate the quality of life you hold. You can’t see nor touch stress, but you can very much feel it. The racing and erratic heartbeat and the sky-high blood pressure can cause your body to overproduce the stress hormone, cortisol.

Overexposure of cortisol can disrupt the smooth functioning of the brain and contribute to a host of health conditions like headaches, anxiety, depression, heart disease, strokes and finally premature death; stress is like a wind that grows stronger and finally snuffs out your candles.

Many of us cannot put stress to a stop from its roots, but what we can do is minimize the effect it has on us. The mind is much like the water- you get to decide if it flows smoothly or it crashes down. One of the easiest and most stress-relieving methods would have to be meditation. No health tips or wellness tips-list would be complete without mediation taking a high enough spot.

Meditation- Controlling Your Inner Storm

Meditation works via the effects it has on the sympathetic nervous system, which is in turn responsible for increasing the heart rate and the blood pressure during times of undue stress. Meditation is a thousand-year-old practice that has a record on working well in attaining inner peace. It is an effective route to reduce your depression and effectively curb it.

You will be able to swat away your anxiety and help yourself control your emotions better- the end result is feeling reawakened and breaking through the shell of your former self.

Meditation is of many types:

  • Concentration meditation involves you focusing your mind and acts as the stepping stones for other forms of meditation.
  • Mindfulness meditation involves you focusing on distinctive features in your vicinity which helps you remove negative thoughts and emotions and helps you attain a state of calmness.
  • Heart centered meditation involves focusing and bringing attention to the heart and the energy center or chakra flow in the middle of the chest.
  • Tai Chi is a form of mediation that involves the practice of physical movement while controlled breathing and focus are given priority.

Dwell into the practice of meditation and find a piece of yourself that you never knew existed. If your mind is at peace, then nothing around you can shake you from that state.